Credit Repair sites charge you for what you can do for free. But free takes time!

You have to go to each credit provider Trans Union, Experian and Equifax creating an account for each one.


Annual Credit Dispute takes your myFICO credit report and disputes to all bureaus for $50.

Step 1

Request an Upload link
We will send you a link to upload your report plus a payment link.

Creditxp Credit Analysis™

Your report it is automatically scanned for potential errors, identifying inaccuracies and erroneous accounts.

Step 2

Upload your report
You will need a 3B Credit Report from so we have your accounts to dispute.

Creditxp Rapid Dispute™

Credit dispute is provided as a (Software as a Service) uploaded report is disputed to the 3 credit bureaus.

Step 3

$50 Payment
Our software will analyze your report & submit all problem accounts to each bureaus to investigate.

We also can Help you

Understand why your credit score is low, understand the over 40 different credit scores and how they correlate to different types of loans.

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